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Motion systems a must for every simracer


For the absolute realistic simracing experience we offer you a high end motion system that can be mounted to almost any rig.


Design of the Motion Systems


All components of the actuators are equipped with wear-free, high-strength, CNC-milled aluminum components, except for the slider (see text)

- Motor mount

- Fixed bearing mount

- Linear bearing mount

- Cables and connectors of the actuators are also replaced by high quality


high quality aluminum connectors.

- The slider of the actuators is made of POM to increase durability: POM stands for polyoxymethylene plastic and is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic with high mechanical strength and stiffness. Acetal polymer offers good sliding properties and excellent wear resistance.


The Motion System is plug & play!

Assembly Quick Start Guide of the Motion System for your Simrig:

Simply screw the actuators to the rig and connect the driver cables to the actuators. Just connect the USB cable from the driver cabinet to a USB port of your suitable PC, plug the power cable from the driver cabinet to the 220 volt socket, load the software and the rig is converted to a simulator and the fun can begin. Simracing with emotion!


Scope of delivery of the Motion System

4 x actuators SRA80-H150-AX

1 x DCA-Driver Cabinet incl. / 1 x Control Pc / 4 x Driver

4 x power and encoder cables (each 3 meters long)

4 x floor trays

1 x emergency stop button

4 x mounting material to attach the actuators to the rig


Technical data

- Speed: 250 mm/s

- Force per actuator (Force): 150 kg

- Peak force per actuator (Peak Force): 250Kg

- Stroke: 150 mm / 5.91 inches


The powerful motors of the actuators with 750W, 3000 rpm and 2.4 NM provide an extraordinary acceleration of 250 mm/s at a stroke height of 150 mm (this corresponds to an acceleration in a stroke of 150 mm - and this in only 0.6s), so the experiences in the simulator become almost real.


The standard colors are black/red.

On request, the following colors of the individual components can be selected:

- Black - Red - Silver


Sales Tax Included |
color of the actors
  • Installation including delivery of the motion systems within Germany.

    Price on request, please send an email to or ask when ordering.

  • The shipping times are currently 6-10 weeks after receipt of payment.

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