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Welcome to Sallrace - The Future of Racing!

"Our simulators have been designed to facilitate sustainable training for real racers, regardless of their discipline in motorsport –
be it Formula, DTM, Porsche Cup, Rally, or others. Every movement of the simulator, whether it's experi
encing track undulations, feeling the g-forces in curves, tackling uphill or downhill sections, sensing acceleration and braking forces, or even lifting the vehicle when traversing high curbs – all these motions have been meticulously considered to simulate the race track experience almost realistically."

"We warmly invite you to a training session to experience the fascination and capability of our simulators firsthand. Immerse yourself in a world where you don't just drive but become one with the track. With us, you encounter more than just simulations; it's a holistic training experience refining your racing skills. Step into a realm where technology and motorsport go hand in hand, elevating your passion for racing to unparalleled heights."

"As a result, almost no resources of the world are wasted. Our simulators are designed to provide real racers with the ultimate and sustainable training experience. In the development of the Formula S1 Simulator, we've not only integrated state-of-the-art technology but also infused our years of racing experience. Every detail has been meticulously thought out to maximize not only performance but also the authentic racing experience. We understand that in motorsport, every detail makes the difference."

Simulator Formel S1 RS

"Not just simulators - no toys, but ruthless training beasts for real pros.
Training of the future!"

Race Simulators
"Sustainable Race Simulators for Future Cost-Efficient Racing Training"

Sallrace Formel S1 RS Simulator


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within Germany"

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"Our goal is to provide race simulators and motion systems that are suitable for drivers of all classes and deliver an exceptional racing experience. Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, our simulators support you in taking your racing experience to a new level."

Vorstellung von neuen Simulator Formel S1 RS

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Sallrace Simulatoren | Motion System Plug & Play aufgebaut
Simulators for Race Car Drivers | Sallrace Germany
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The Next Generation for Racers - Simulation by Sallrace

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