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Experience professional-grade Simracing with our premium Full-Motion Simulators and SimRig Motion Actuators, tailored for true professionals. We provide complete systems, individual and dual actuators, as well as driver cabinets for your Simracing Motion System. Enhance your rig now with our motion systems or acquire your own Full-Motion Simulator – the ultimate choice for professional racers. Immerse yourself in a top-tier Simracing experience!

Race Simulators
"Sustainable Race Simulators for Future Cost-Efficient Racing Training"

Full Motion Simulator Formel S1
The Full Motion Simulator Formula S1 with Fanatec Wheelbase
The Full Motion Simulator Formula S1
Full Motion Simulator Formel S1 - Buttkicker
The Full Motion Simulator Formula S1 offers a lifelike experience as if you were on a real racetrack
The Full Motion Simulator Formula S1 provides an immersive and non-stop experience for all racing en
The Full Motion Simulator Formula S1 is equipped with advanced actuators that deliver precise and re
The Full Motion Simulator Formula S1 is compatible with the Fanatec shifter, enhancing your racing s
The Formula S1 Full Motion Simulator utilizes advanced linear actuators to deliver lifelike motion e
The Formula S1 Full Motion Simulator provides an authentic and immersive simracing experience, using
The Formula S1 Full Motion Simulator features advanced motion actuators that deliver realistic and p
The Formula S1 Full Motion Simulator incorporates a dedicated driver cabinet or frequency converter
The Formula S1 Full Motion Simulator comes equipped with a comprehensive braking and acceleration sy

"Market Launch - Coming Soon to the Shop."

Equipment - Race Simulator Formula S1

Motion System 5DOF:
  Motion System SRA100-H150-AX-4DOF-DCA +
  SRA100-H150AS Surge (Acceleration/Brake)
  Powerful motors of the actuators (750W, 3000 rpm, 2.4 NM)
  Extraordinary acceleration of 250 mm/s at a lift height of
  100 mm in just 0.4 seconds
  Color options: Black/Red, Black/Silver, Black/Black

  Color options: Matte Black, Satin Red, Blue (similar to Redbull appearance),
  Silver/Black (similar to Mercedes appearance)

  Wheelbase CSL DD (8NM)
  Clubsport Formula V2.5 Steering Wheel including Podium
  Advanced Paddle Module
  Clubsport V3 Pedals
  ClupSport SQ V 1.5 Shifter

Buttkicker/Body Sound Transducer:
  Amplifier 800 Watts
  2x Bass Shaker

  1x 49-inch Odyssey Ultra Wide DQHD Gaming Monitor C49RG94SSR
  2x 27-inch Curved C27G54TQWR

Astro A50
  Dolby Surround
  Integrated microphone

  Mainboard (Wi-Fi)
  32 GB RAM
  Water-cooled Ryzen processor
  RTX 4080 Graphics Card
  M.2 PCIe Drives 1x 1 TB + 1x 2 TB
  Logitech Keyboard
  Logitech Mouse
  Windows 10 Pro Operating System


Motion Systems Plug & Play Assembled

Motion System DIY Kits

Motion System Zubehör

Actuators Execution
    All components of the actuators are equipped with wear-free, high-strength CNC-milled aluminum parts,
except for the slider (see text)
• Motor mount
• Fixed bearing mount
• Linear bearing mount
• The cables and connectors of the actuators have also been replaced with high-quality aluminum connectors.
• The slider is made of POM to increase longevity: POM stands for Polyoxymethylene, a semi-crystalline thermoplastic with high mechanical strength and stiffness.
Acetal polymer offers good sliding properties and excellent wear resistance.
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