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Motion Systems

Our motion systems for Simracing have been specifically designed for you to deliver the ultimate driving experience.

They utilize highly precise actuators that receive signals from your PC to generate a realistic simulation of centrifugal forces,

track irregularities, pitch, roll, surge, sway, and heave.

You will feel as if you are actually on the racetrack.

Our motion systems can be easily mounted on almost any Simrig and offer impressive precision and authenticity.

If you are seeking a unique and intense Simracing experience, then our motion simulators are exactly what you need!

For further information and details regarding assembly, you will find everything you need in our assembly overview. Elevate your Simracing experience to the next level with our motion systems!


At Sallrace, we are race simulator enthusiasts and share our passion with others.
Our goal is to equip our customers with high-quality motion systems and provide them with an unforgettable Simracing experience.

The Systems

Motion Simulator for iRacing, F1 2022, Dirt Rally 2.0, Assetto Corsa Competizione | Sallrace Germany
Simracing Full Motion System for Simulators | Sallrace Germany

With the Motion Simulator Sets SRA80-150AX and SRA100-150AX, you will experience exceptional quality and performance. The powerful motors of the actuators ensure fast and precise movements of your rig, giving you the sensation of actually being on the racetrack. The acceleration of 250 mm/s with a 100 mm stroke in just 0.4 seconds provides a realistic driving experience that offers plenty of fun and excitement. If you are seeking a high-quality motion system for your Simracing rig, the SRA80-150AX and SRA100-150AX are definitely worth considering.

Kits with 4 Actuators + Driver Cabinet for Motion Systems | Sallrace Germany
Description and Details of the Motion Systems
Our high-quality Motion Systems, the SRA80-H150-AX-3/4 DOF-DCA and SRA100-H150-AX-3/4 DOF-DCA, are perfect for you if you are looking for unparalleled quality and performance for your Simracing rig.

The powerful motors of the actuators, with a capacity of 750W, a speed of 3000 RPM, and a torque of 2.4 NM, provide an incredible acceleration of 250 mm/s with a 150 mm stroke. This means that a movement is executed in just 0.6 seconds, allowing you to experience a realistic driving sensation that fully immerses you in the racing simulation.

Our simulator systems are designed as plug & play and meet the highest standards. All components of the actuators are wear-free, highly durable, and CNC-machined. The cables and connectors of the actuators have been replaced with high-quality aluminum connectors. The slider of the actuators is made of POM to increase longevity. The driver cabinet comes fully pre-assembled and only requires setup and connection.

The standard colors of the actuators are black/red. Upon request, individual components can also be delivered in black, red, or silver.

The motion actuators are almost wear-free; however, we recommend annual cleaning of the slider's running surfaces and maintenance of the ball screw spindles with odorless grease. If desired, we also offer professional cleaning and maintenance at a fixed price.

Depending on the system, our delivery includes a different number of motion actuators, actuator power and encoder cables (each 3 meters long), floor plates, driver cabinet including AASD-15 controller and Arduino, an emergency stop button, as well as fastening materials to secure the actuators to your rig.

With our Motion Simulator Systems, SRA80-H150-AX-3/4 DOF-DCA and SRA100-H150-AX-3/4 DOF-DCA, you will get an incredible Simracing experience with the highest precision and speed. We recommend these systems to anyone seeking the ultimate racing simulation experience.
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