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Full Motion Simulator
Formel S1

Motorsport Simulator Formula S1 | Sallrace Germany

Sallrace - the Future of Racing

The motion of the simulator in motorsport | Sallrace Germany

Surge - Acceleration and braking behavior

The simulator's Surge function refers to a specific motion feature within the simulator. It simulates the sensation of acceleration and deceleration, similar to what would be experienced in a real vehicle.

The Surge function is controlled by the motion system of the simulator, which is equipped with powerful motors or actuators. These motors generate movements that allow the simulator's driver to feel the sensations of acceleration and deceleration.

Surge: Acceleration and Braking Behavior of the Racing Car | Sallrace Germany
Motion System SRA100-H150-AX-4DOF-DCA

With the Motion Simulator Set SRA100-150AX, you'll experience exceptional quality and performance for your simracing experience. The powerful motors of the actuators deliver fast and precise movements to your rig, making you feel as if you're truly on the race track. With an impressive acceleration of 250 mm/s and a 100 mm stroke in just 0.4 seconds, you'll enjoy a realistic driving sensation that provides plenty of fun and excitement. The high-quality and precise motion reproduction of the Motion Simulator allows you to authentically experience the dynamics of driving and the track's irregularities. This motion system is perfectly suited to elevate your simracing experience to a new level and immerse you in the world of motorsports.
Curved Monitors for the Proper View in Racing | Sallrace Germany
Wheelbase direct drive, pedal set, and shifter

The Fanatec wheelbase is a high-quality steering wheel base for sim racing, offering precise control and advanced force feedback for an immersive driving experience.
The Fanatec steering wheel is characterized by its ergonomic design, high-quality materials, and a variety of buttons and switches. It allows for easy operation and provides realistic control options.
The Fanatec shifter enables manual gear shifting and provides an authentic shifting feel.
The Fanatec pedals offer realistic pedal movement and resistanc
e, can be individually customized, and ensure precise gas, brake, and clutch control.
Overall, the Fanatec wheelbase, steering wheel, shifter, and pedals provide a professional sim racing experience with high-quality construction and a high level of realism.
Buttkicker - Body Shaker to Feel the Vibrations of the Race Car | Sallrace Germany
Headphones - Astro A50

The Astro A50 is a high-quality headphone designed for gaming and multimedia applications. It offers impressive sound quality and an immersive audio experience for gamers.
The Astro A50 is characterized by its sturdy and comfortable design. It features padded ear cups and an adjustable headband to ensure a comfortable fit during long gaming sessions.
The headphone utilizes wireless connectivity technology that enables interference-free transmission of audio signals. The wireless range of the Astro A50 is typically generous, allowing you to move freely without being tethered by a cable.
Another notable feature of the Astro A50 is its integrated microphone. It allows clear and precise communication during online gaming or voice chats. The microphone is usually flexible and can be adjusted as needed.
The Astro A50 often comes with customizable sound profiles and dedicated software that allows you to tailor the sound to your personal preferences. This feature enables individual sound tuning for an optimal listening experience.
Overall, the Astro A50 is a popular headphone among gamers, impressing with its high-quality sound reproduction, comfort, and wireless connectivity. It provides an optimal audio experience for gaming and multimedia applications.
Gaming PC for the Formula S1 Simulator in Motorsport | Sallrace Germany

The Motion of the Simulator

The motion actuators in the simulator are responsible for creating the real driving sensation with pitch and roll. They allow for realistically replicating a vehicle's movements on uneven terrain or during cornering.

By precisely controlling the motion actuators, the corresponding forces are transmitted to the simulator. For example, when the virtual vehicle navigates a curve, the simulator's platform tilts to the side to convey the sensation of lateral acceleration. In the case of bumps or potholes on the track, the actuators are used to mimic the vehicle's vertical movement, providing the driver with feedback on irregularities and jolts.

The combination of pitch and roll movements with other motion axes like heave (vertical movement) and surge (acceleration/braking) can create a highly immersive and realistic driving experience. It allows the driver to better perceive the vehicle's dynamics and establish a closer connection to the virtual vehicle and the track.

Surge - Acceleration and Braking Behavior | Sallrace Germany

The surge function

When the virtual vehicle accelerates in the racing game, the surge function is activated, and the simulator moves forward accordingly to create the sensation of acceleration. When the virtual vehicle decelerates or brakes, the simulator moves backward to simulate the feeling of deceleration.

The surge function is another way to make the simracing experience more realistic and immersive. It helps the driver establish a more intense connection with the virtual vehicle and the race track by replicating the physical sensations of the driving experience.

Motion System for the Movement of the Race Car | Sallrace Germany

Curved monitors

The Race Simulator is equipped with three curved monitors that provide an impressive screen width of 240 cm. These monitors enable an immersive representation of the racetrack and offer a wide field of view. The system's resolution is 10256x1440p, ensuring high image sharpness and detail accuracy.
Thanks to the generous screen width and high resolution, the sim racing experience is portrayed nearly realistically. The user enjoys a broad and impressive view of the racetrack, creating an intense and immersive driving sensation. Finest details such as curves, landscapes, and vehicles are rendered in sharp clarity, contributing to an even more authentic racing simulation.
The combination of the three curved monitors, generous screen width, and high resolution creates an immersive visual environment that immerses the user in the racing action. It enables a lifelike driving experience and enhances the fun and challenge of sim racing.

Wheelbase Direct Drive, Pedals, and Shifter for Motorsport Drivers | Sallrace Germany
Buttkicker/Body transducer

In addition to the components already mentioned, this simulator also incorporates two Bass Shakers, also known as tactile transducers. These are equipped with an amplifier power of 1000 watts and are mounted on the backrest and under the seat. The Bass Shakers are used to simulate vibrations in the car, from the race track, the road surface, and more. They create intense feedback that provides the user with an even more realistic driving experience. Through targeted vibrations at specific points on the seat, the sensations and impressions that one would typically feel when driving a real vehicle are enhanced.
Astro A50 Wireless Headset for Immersive Racing Experience | Sallrace Germany
The Game-Pc
For your simracing experience, a powerful gaming PC is essential. The configuration of this PC allows you to play current simracing games in high quality and enjoy an impressive visual experience. The powerful hardware ensures smooth performance and enables you to maintain graphics settings at a high level.
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