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The Simulators

Development and Description of the Simulators

Welcome to the world of sustainable driver training! Our simulator has been specifically designed for the training of real race drivers, with sustainability as our guiding principle. During months of endurance testing with various simracing games, we've worked intensively to ensure that our simulator not only meets the highest standards but is also environmentally sustainable.
In close collaboration with simrace game developers, we've made sure that our simulator seamlessly integrates with a variety of racing games, whether it's Formula racing, DTM, Porsche Cup, or Rally. This rigorous testing phase has not only optimized our technology but also incorporated sustainable principles. As a result, almost no global resources are wasted.
Throughout these testing phases, our focus has been on enhancing the performance, reliability, and precision of the simulator. We've meticulously tested all components and functions to ensure they meet the high standards expected by simracing enthusiasts, whether in motorsport or race sport.
Our simulator is the result of intensive research, development, and testing to ensure it caters to the needs and expectations of the simracing community. With its robust design and optimized performance, it's ready to offer an unparalleled training experience to motorsport enthusiasts, whether they are beginners or professionals, and all this in a sustainable manner. Welcome to a world where motorsport and sustainability go hand in hand.

The Motion Rig
Our simulator has been specifically designed for the Playseat F1 seat and our high-quality motion system. The combination of both offers an exceptional sim racing experience.
The motion system is equipped with powerful motors delivering an impressive 750W of power. Operating at a speed of 3000 RPM and generating a torque of 2.4 Nm, these motors achieve an incredible acceleration of 250 mm/s with a stroke height of 100 mm. This results in a movement executed in just 0.4 seconds, leading to an extremely realistic ride.
The combination of the power of the motors and precise control allows the user to authentically feel every movement of the vehicle. Acceleration, braking, cornering, and track irregularities are realistically simulated, immersing the user fully in the racing simulation experience.

The Playseat F1 seat complements the motion system perfectly. The seat provides an ergonomic and comfortable driving position, placing the user in a realistic racing posture. The combination of the seat with the motion system creates an even more intense and immersive experience.
The interaction between the Playseat F1 seat and our high-quality motion system allows the user to experience an unparalleled sim racing journey. The powerful motors and precise control offer impressive realism, bringing the user as close as possible to the sensation of driving on a real race track.

With this specially crafted system, you can look forward to an engaging and immersive racing simulation experience that fully immerses you in the world of sim racing.

The Monitors
The race simulator features an impressive setup with three curved monitors, providing an impressive screen width of 240 cm. With a resolution of 10256x1440p, it achieves a sharp display that brings the sim racing experience to life in a nearly realistic manner.
The use of curved monitors creates a wider field of view, providing the user with an immersive experience. The curved shape of the screens ensures that the action on the race track is displayed realistically, generating better depth perception.
With the impressive resolution of 10256x1440p, even the finest details and textures in the racing simulation games become visible. This allows the user to see the vehicle, the race track, and other elements with high precision, contributing to an even more realistic and captivating experience.
The combination of the generous screen width and high resolution allows the user to enjoy the sim racing experience in all its facets. It creates an impressive panorama and ensures that the user can immerse themselves in the world of racing as if they were actually on the race track.

Overall, this race simulator with its three curved monitors, generous screen width, and high resolution provides a captivating visual experience that elevates sim racing to a new level, transporting the user into a realistic racing world.

Wheelbase/Direct Drive
The Fanatec wheelbase, pedal set, and shifter are perfectly tailored to meet the high demands of sim racing in the simulator. They offer a range of adjustments to allow for optimal individual customization.

The Fanatec wheelbase is renowned for its precision and responsive performance. It provides advanced force feedback effects that deliver a realistic driving sensation to the user. With various settings such as torque, sensitivity, and strength, the wheelbase can be adjusted to match the user's personal preferences and driving styles.

Similarly, the Fanatec pedal set stands out for its high quality and adaptability. It offers a realistic pedal feel with progressive spring tension and adjustable brake pressure. This enables the user to fine-tune the pedals according to their individual preferences and requirements, ensuring optimal control over the vehicle.

The Fanatec shifter allows the user to manually shift gears and features a realistic shifting mechanism. With various settings such as H-pattern or sequential shifting modes, the user can customize the shifter to their personal liking and enjoy an authentic shifting experience.

Overall, the Fanatec wheelbase, pedal set, and shifter provide top-notch quality and numerous adjustment options to meet the high demands of sim racing in the simulator. They are designed to deliver a realistic and immersive driving experience, enabling precise control over the vehicle.


Buttkicker/ Body Sound Transducers

In addition to the components mentioned earlier, this simulator also incorporates two bass shakers, also known as body sound transducers. These are equipped with an amplifier power of 1000 watts and are mounted on the backrest and under the seat.

The purpose of the bass shakers is to simulate the vibrations in the car and from the race track, road surface, etc. They generate intense feedback that provides the user with an even more realistic driving experience. By delivering targeted vibrations to specific areas of the seat, they enhance the sensations and impressions one would typically feel while driving a real vehicle.

The combination of the bass shakers, amplifier power, and strategic placement on the backrest and under the seat creates an impressive vibration experience. The shakers respond to various events during the race, such as acceleration, braking, track irregularities, or even the body sound within the vehicle. This adds an extra dimension of realism, making the sim racing experience even more immersive.

With the bass shakers, the sensation of driving becomes even more intense as they provide direct physical feedback through the vibrations and movements of the car. They contribute to a stronger connection between the user, the vehicle, and the race track, enabling a deeper immersion into the racing scenario.

Overall, the powerful amplifier-driven bass shakers, placed strategically on the backrest and under the seat, enhance the sim racing experience by authentically simulating the vibrations from the car and the track, delivering a heightened sense of immersion and intensity.


The Astro A50 headphones are a popular choice among sim racing enthusiasts, offering a variety of features and qualities that elevate the sim racing experience to a new level.

The standout feature of the Astro A50 headphones is their wireless connectivity, providing optimal freedom of movement during races. You can move freely without being restricted by cables, allowing you to fully focus on your racing action.

With their surround sound capability, the Astro A50 headphones deliver impressive audio quality. You can perceive every detail and nuance of the race track, engine sounds, and surroundings, resulting in an immersive and realistic audio experience. This enables you to recognize crucial auditory cues and make precise decisions.

The Astro A50 headphones are also known for their high level of comfort. They feature soft ear cushions and a comfortable fit, making them pleasant to wear even during extended sim racing sessions. The adjustable headband allows for a personalized fit to your head shape, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

Another highlight of the Astro A50 headphones is the integrated microphone. You can easily communicate with other sim racing drivers and coordinate during gameplay. The microphone offers good sound quality and suppresses background noise, enabling clear and understandable conversations.

In summary, the Astro A50 headphones offer wireless connectivity, surround sound, comfort, and an integrated microphone. These features make them an excellent choice for sim racing enthusiasts seeking a top-notch audio experience and seamless communication during their sim racing sessions.


 For your sim racing experience, a powerful gaming PC is essential. For this purpose, we have selected the following components:

  A motherboard with integrated Wi-Fi for wireless internet connectivity.
  32 GB of RAM for smooth and fast execution of sim racing games.
  A water-cooled Ryzen processor for efficient cooling and optimal performance.
  An RTX 4080-series graphics card for impressive graphics rendering and smooth frame rates.
  M.2 PCIe SSDs, one with 1 TB and another with 2 TB of storage capacity, to provide ample space for games, sim racing simulations, and other files.
  A Logitech keyboard and mouse for precise control and comfortable gameplay.
  The Windows 10 Pro operating system, providing a stable and reliable platform for your sim racing requirements.

This configuration enables you to play current sim racing games in high quality and enjoy an impressive visual experience. The powerful hardware ensures smooth performance, allowing you to maintain high graphics settings.

Simulator Conclusion
Our simulators have been specifically designed to meet the requirements of various sim racing games. With high-quality components and careful selection, we have created a simulator that offers a realistic and immersive racing experience. Whether you're accelerating on the track, braking, or navigating through curves - the simulator will impress you with its quality and performance.
Handover to the Customer
Before our simulators are delivered to customers, they undergo a specific break-in and testing process. This ensures that all components are functioning optimally and the simulator is in perfect condition.

During the break-in, various tests are conducted to ensure that all movements and functions of the simulator operate smoothly. This includes tests of the wheelbase, pedals, shifter, and other components. Any necessary adjustments or calibrations are made to ensure optimal performance.

After the break-in, the simulator undergoes a comprehensive functional test. Different sim racing games and simulations are used to ensure that the simulator functions flawlessly in various scenarios and situations. Compatibility with different platforms and software is also tested.

During the handover to the customer, it usually only requires the simulator owner to be registered as an administrator. This grants them full access to all features and settings of the simulator.

Our goal is to ensure that each customer receives a fully functional and optimal simulator. Through the break-in and testing process, we ensure that the simulator meets high standards and provides a premium sim racing experience.

Important Notes for Preparing the Installation of the Motion Simulator!
Important Notes for Preparing the Installation of the Motion Simulator!

To operate the simulator, a suitable power supply is required. Two separately fused house circuits, each with a capacity of 16A and Type C (slow-blow), are needed. These fuses ensure a stable and sufficient power supply for the simulator.

Furthermore, the available space should have a minimum size of 3 x 4 meters. This space requirement allows for adequate freedom of movement during sim racing and ensures a comfortable and realistic driving experience.

It's important to ensure that the electrical connections meet the necessary standards and can provide sufficient power for the operation of the simulator. Additionally, there should be enough space available to safely and comfortably set up the simulator.

Basic Knowledge
To optimize the use of the simulator, having a basic understanding of mechanics and PCs can be advantageous. Here are some fundamentals that can be helpful:

  Mechanics: Having an understanding of the basic principles of mechanics can be useful in comprehending how the simulator operates. This includes knowledge of levers, motion mechanisms, forces, and the interaction of various components.

  PC Knowledge: Since the simulator is connected to a PC, fundamental knowledge about hardware components, operating systems, and software is necessary. Familiarity with the basics of motherboards, processors, graphics cards, memory, and peripheral devices can be helpful.

  Configuration and Settings: To make the most of the simulator, having basic knowledge about configuring and adjusting PC settings is essential. This involves tasks such as installing drivers, customizing graphics settings, and calibrating input devices.

  Troubleshooting: Developing basic troubleshooting skills is advisable to identify and resolve potential issues with the simulator or PC. This may include diagnosing and fixing hardware or software problems, performing updates, or understanding error messages.

It's important to note that the simulator might have specific requirements and technical nuances. In such cases, it's wise to familiarize yourself with the manufacturer's specific instructions and guides or seek technical support if needed.

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